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20 Lower Hudson Ave.
Just off Exit 8 of I-787
Green Island, NY 12183
(518) 273-2200

Fitness Classes:

Our classes are included in your membership at no extra cost! The minimum class size is FOUR, so make sure your friends join too!

STEP AEROBICS is an hour long low-impact class designed to gradually raise your heart rate for cardiovascular fitness. You will use a step bench which is adjustable in height depending on your level of conditioning. Our certified instructors will ensure you work every part of your body.

BODY SCULPTING is an hour long class which will tone and strengthen each muscle group. You will use the step bench, light dumbbells and elastic resistance bands until you feel the burn.

CARDIOKICKBOXING borrows movements from the martial arts to strengthen your core muscles (abs and back) as well as to tone your arms and legs. The only equipment required is a good pair of shoes. This is a high impact class.

Class Schedule
Monday 5:00 pm Step Aerobics with Sherry

6:00 pm Cardiokickboxing with Julie

Tuesday 5:30 pm Body Sculpting with Doreen  
Wednesday 5:00 pm Step Aerobics with Sherry

6:00 pm Cardiokickboxing with Julie

Thursday 5:30 pm Body Sculpting with Doreen

6:30 pm Cardiokickboxing Dmitri


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