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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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20 Lower Hudson Ave.
Just off Exit 8 of I-787
Green Island, NY 12183
(518) 273-2200

Now is the time to join on our 15th Anniversay sale for many reasons.

$125 down and $20.00 a month

  • Our initiation fee is half price. Not only do you save $125.00 but you receive two training sessions for free. The sessions will get you on your exercise program which we will tailor to your specific goals. We will eliminate the guess work for you and show you how to do the exercises you need to do to see the results you desire. You will be taken at your own pace through each exercise and will be told exactly what part of the body you are working and why the specific exercise is good for you.
  • Our monthly rate on the 15th anniversary sale is only $20.00 a month, which is a savings of $15.00 per month off the regular membership. That is a total of $180.00 per year savings.
  • You can join for how long or as short a time as you want. The $20.00 a month is paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT). In order to cancel, just notify us in writing 30 days in advance.
  • Our pledge to you is that no matter how long you remain a member, your membership will never go up. $20.00 a month. To give you an idea how great this is - a non-member pays $7.50 to workout each time he or she visits the club. So, it will cost you less for a whole week than a non-member pays for a day.
  • This will be the only membership sale we will be offering in '06, so join now while the initiation fee is half price, plus pay only $20.00 a month with no long term commitment.

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